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                                   ALL DRUMS AND DANCERS WELCOME

June  19, 20 and 21 2015
Tuscumbia river park, tuscumbia, Mo
Admission: 3.00 adults, ages 4 to 12 1.00
age 3 and under free

Southern Drum- TBA
Northern Drum-TBA
MC- Bob Woolery
Head Man Dancer-Bill Tidwell
Head Lady Dancer-Lori Tidwell
Head Gourd- TBA
AD- Jerrald Braiuca

Special Guest: LARRY SELLERS
"Cloud Dancing" of the hit TV show
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
We will know soon of Larry and his family will be with us in 2015. 
Friday-5pm to 10pm

Saturday-10am to 10pm

Sunday- 10am to 5pm

For  more info please contact
Janet Dudley
phone: 573-369-2710

We have moved to a new lodation and we're going to stay.  The pow wow will be right next to the Osage River in Tuscumbia Riverside Park.   Everyone seems to be very happy with this location. The facilities have all that we need and it's a beautiful park located in a quiet area. Store and gas station located very nearby. Bring your fishing gear.